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World Elephant Day 2016: enhancing human-elephant coexistence for Selous GR

Last Friday was World Elephant Day and members of the STEP human-elephant coexistence team spent the afternoon talking to, and answering questions from, 350 students of Msolwa Station Secondary School – on the northwest boundary of Selous Game Reserve – about all things elephant: why they are amazing, the poaching…

Elephant protection: we support aerial and foot patrols in Rungwa Game Reserve, which has been particularly hard hit by the elephant poaching crisis. Left: Rungwa rangers. Right: Rungwa Game Reserve Manager Said Kabanda and STEP Director Trevor Jones give GPS training to rangers.

STEP in 2015: Our Year in Review

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Aerial 3a

New Census Results Confirm Elephant Declines in Ruaha-Rungwa

        The elephants of Ruaha-Rungwa in southern Tanzania have been well surveyed in recent years, and the latest research confirms their significant decline due to poaching, despite the complexities of interpreting and presenting census results.  By Dr. Trevor Jones Last week at the 10th TAWIRI (Tanzania Wildlife…


Letter presented to UK Prime Minister

The letter below, co-signed by STEP, was delivered to PM David Cameron at 10, Downing Street earlier this month, by our friends at Action for Elephants UK. The message to Mr. Cameron: Ban All Ivory Trade in the UK. We are still waiting for a reply… Photographs of the event can…

Athumani mud 2

STEP Newsletter is out!

STEP’s first newsletter, covering the first quarter of 2015, is out! You can download it by clicking here for either the English or Kiswahili versions. Please share widely! Thanks, na tunashukuru.    

Pacha playing in his enormous sandpit

Elephant twins arrive in Ruaha at a tough time

On 30th October 2014, newly born elephant twins were spotted along the Mwagusi Sand River in Ruaha National Park, by Dr. Tim Davenport of WCS Tanzania Program. He managed to get this photo of the hours-old infants, and their mother. This was incredibly exciting news – the first ever record of…

three small

New project launched in support of elephant conservation in Ruaha

An exciting, multi-faceted new project led by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), is about to begin in southern Tanzania, and STEP is honoured to be a partner in the component covering elephant conservation in Ruaha National Park. Last Wednesday, 10th December 2014, STEP Director Dr. Trevor Jones participated in the official launch at…

Maandamano ya Tembo, Iringa

Paulo Mndeme na Jose Kidibule STEP wakishirikiana na wadau mbalimbali kwenye miji 137 duniani, tulifanya maandamano yaliyofanyika kitaifa mjini Iringa mnamo tarehe 4/10/2014. Maandamano haya yalipangwa na Wildlife Connection na yalihudhuriwa na watu zaidi ya mia tatu wakiwemo wa Tanzania na wageni kutoka nchi mbalimbali. Lengo la maandamano ni kuishawishi…

Biolojia ya Nyuki

In their monthly blogs, Paulo and Jose share what they have learned from their involvement in the beehive fence project. This week they tell us about the fascinating wonders of bee biology.   Joseph Kidibule na Paulo Kaluse Sisi ni wafanyakazi wa STEP.  Mradi unafanya utafiti wa tembo na tunajaribu kupunguza…

Bull elephant known as Sikio Mbovu at Mdonya Old River Camp, Ruaha NP

Hunters’ Demand for Elephant Trophies Should Not Take Precedence Over Government Accountability

By Katarzyna Nowak With thanks to Keith Lindsay for helpful improvements to this post While positive steps have been taken by governments to protect elephants and their ecosystems, private hunting companies are working hard to undermine the potential gains. Recent regulatory controls include a U.S. ban on the import of elephant…